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some photos by: black moth studios

Saskia Bio

Saskia is inspired by city lights, love lost and love won, lust, the essence of male and female, despair, and elation. She manages to touch on all of these emotions, yet leaves them digestible enough for the dancefloor. As a songwriter, she is a mistress of the melodic hook, carving out choruses that remain in the listeners' head for days afterward. From the lustful "Carried Away" to the poignant "Strong", Saskia's songs are perfect for radio play, the dancefloor, or soundtracks.
SLSK Records


Oct. 2 - 2007

Saskia in TierraFM! (Interview in spanish)

Oct. 30 - 2006

The One - Album art

Saskia's debut CD "Deep" has been released! Click here for more info! A 12" Vinyl entitled "The One" has also been released for the Djs!

Oct. 27 - 2006

November 4th: Lab30 in Augsburg

For those of you living in Europe, the Lab30 Electroconference is an excellent way to experience our SLSK Records artists live! Held in Augsburg, Germany, Lab30 is a yearly multimedia event that has often featured Soulseek artists. Both Saskia and Lackluster will be performing at the festival on November 4th. For more about Lab30, go here.

November 12th, Zentrale Randlage in Berlin

On November 12th, Saskia and Lackluster will be performing at Zentrale Randlage, located in Berlin, Germany. For more information on Zentrale Randlage, click here. Both artists are not to be missed live; so we hope to see you there!!!

Order Deep Now! From CD Baby!

If you want to listen to some more music by Saskia check out her myspace page or the radio at SLSK Records.


# Release Label Get it
SLSKLP001 (CD) Deep SLSK Records CD Baby
SLSKEP001v (Vinyl) The One SLSK Records

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